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Rich Gold - Glitter Gel
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Rich Gold - Glitter Gel

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Serenity...complete and utter peace as you stroll down the beach, blissfully squishing your toes into the sand. The water tickles your feet, ever so gently skimming over them, and you catch a shimmering glimpse of your Naio Rich Gold Glitter Gel coated toes bouncing the sun's warm rays back up to you. Enhanced by the water, your Rich Gold Glitter nails mimic the sandy beach upon which they meander: capturing every gleam that the sun shines down, shooting yellow, brown and gold glitz in all directions. Are you capturing the moment, or merely hoping to take another peek at your radiant Rich Gold Glitter nails? Perhaps, a little of both. You smile tranquilly in this perfect moment, confident in your own beauty; belonging in this gorgeous place with your perfectly gelled fingers and toes.