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10 inch 40m White Paper Towel Table/Couch Roll
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10 inch 40m White Paper Towel Table/Couch Roll

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  • £2.99 GBP

This 10 inch white paper roll is the ideal size to lay on your manicure table, and is eco friendly to help you do your bit for the environment. It is a two ply paper roll, which allows you to work quickly and easily, as you can use the paper to rid your brush of excess water, or acrylic liquid on your brush while working. The roll is also ideal for your clients to sit their hands on while you work, to ensure that the surfaces remain sanitised, and for quick table freshen-up to get rid of all the dust after filing nails, Easy clean-ups between clients means time and money savings and less mess means a better image for you, The white colour of the roll fits well with any salon colour scheme, and also helps your salon to look clean and tidy. The paper is biodegradable so is environmentally friendly, and you are able to dispose of each piece after it has been used. It is also extremely soft so is wonderful against soft hands, and absorbs liquids, moisturisers and any other liquid products that you may use, such as nail polish. The weight of the entire roll is 600 grams, and you can make huge savings by buying eighteen rolls at any one time. This white paper roll helps to add a professional feel to your salon or your mobile nail services.